What being at this club means to me is learning new ways to sew and work in a group. I have learned so much that I didn’t know before. My career path ties into what I’m doing here. Being here is preparing me for what I want to go to college for and what I want to make a career out of, which is fashion.
— Shanelle
Hello my name is Joyce and I’ve been at Youth Interactive for about three years. To me, Youth Interactive is like my home, my second family. It’s a friendly environment where you collaborate with different people and work with mentors that teach you life skills in business. It’s a place where you can be yourself and express what you’re interested in with mentors who want to help you achieve in life. Without Youth Interactive, I never would have been privileged with the experiences and opportunities I have today. It was because of Youth Interactive that I was able to go to England at Oxford University with a full scholarship for this program called Camp Startup and it was there that I learned business skills that helped enhance my interest in entrepreneurship and created friendships with people from different parts of the world. I never thought that I would want to become an entrepreneur when I grew up. I thought I was going to grow up and become an accountant or a nurse, jobs that I wasn’t interested in, but Youth Interactive has shown me that I can be grow up and pursue a career where I can be creative. It’s given me insight into a field that I’ve never considered before and I’m glad it did because now I’m striving to become an entrepreneur and to own my arts store someday.
— Joyce
YI made me think on what I want to do in life and how to start a business and selling product.
— Carlos
This program actually meant a lot to me. I wasn’t doing too well emotionally, before I started this program. And when I did, it took my mind off things and I’ve met many new people and friends. And that wouldn’t be possible at all if I hadn’t done anything. It has been an awesome, fun, learning experience. I love the fact that I learned a new skill. I plan to learn more in the future and apply these skills on making products for myself or just anything woodshop related. I also love the fact that I’ve learned quite a bit about business, and I definitely have a better idea on how to start a business…knowing what kind of products that people want. I am so much more confident, so I thank YI for that. I never would’ve imagined such helpful, generous people like you guys helping kids out like me. That is just so awesome, thank you again.
— Jaime
Being at Youth Interactive means a lot to me because I can get learning experience on business and have fun. Being at Youth Interactive does a lot for people and our mentors are really nice.
— Kristina
To me, being at Youth Interactive means learning and gaining knowledge about business from mentors while collaborating on my ideas and creativity with my teammates. It expands my mind on possible career choices and helps me to gain more confidence in communication while working in a friendly environment with students that share my interests.
— Anonymous
YI has been a great experience. I’ve learned so much about business.
— Ana
Being part of team biscotti and youth interactive was a privilege. Before coming here I wasn’t really doing much and felt a little lost. This program has not only allowed me to be more productive but it has also taught me new things. The wonderful mentors at Y.I. have helped me see the potential in myself and I can honestly say the team has become a family.
— Mari
Ending my sophomore year, my grades were terrible. My parents were disappointed that I only got C’s, D’s, and F’s. At the same time I joined Pier Pressure Designs at Youth Group Interactive, where I met Natalie, Genine, Whitney and many more other people. They were really nice and helpful to me, they taught me how to make many things such as pillows, totes, laptop cases, pencil cases, and wine bags. Every Tuesdays and Wednesdays they would pick me up from school and after take me home. Pier Pressure Designs helped me focus on the task at hand and be responsible.
Starting junior year, my grades were great. Only A’s and B’s and Pier Pressure has been helping me keep those grades with after school homework help. Thanks to Pier Pressure Designs, I learned to sew, focus and much more. Being at Pier Pressure helped me realize that I want to become an entrepreneur when I grow up. I am grateful to Pier Pressure Designs for changing my life. Thank you.
— Jenny
Here at youth interactive I got the privilege to be a part of biscotti team. I appreciate this program so much because it has provided a place where I can feel safe and proactive. I have learned many valuable skills in which I will practice on my daily life decisions. I feel part of a family and have learned to manage my behavior
— Ashley