The Importance of Public Events

We strategically engage key community stakeholders to create a network of support to ensure all our programs culminate in high-quality public events with real audiences. For students, culminating events provide focal points for young people's experiences.

They fuel the artistic process by inspiring students to create high quality work for the occasion, make timelessness a reality and enable students to safely begin to experience the benefits of hard work to success!

Here are some of our regular public events

YI Creative studio gallery art shows

Thanks to our youth led gallery students the YI Creative Studio has a public art show every semester.

I madonnari

Thanks to our generous partners & Benefactor Santa Barbara Beautiful every year our students get the opportunity to participate in the Santa Barbara Mission International chalk art festival!

summer public art murals

Thank you to our Partners, Santa Barbara Beautiful, The Santa Barbara Foundation, The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, The Downtown Organization Arts, Advisory, Historical Landmark Commission

open streets

Thanks to our partner Open Streets Santa Barbara, YI students get to bring the excitement of live art to this open air art festival.

holiday market place

Thanks to our partner The Botanical Gardens Santa Barbara, our students get to take part in this popular local 3-day Christmas fair and sell their products directly to the public.

Public market

Thanks to our partner The Public Market, our students get to sell at this popular Santa Barbara retail venue all year round!


Why are public events important?

Positive Risk for youth can lead to personal Growth

Youth tend to take a lot of risks, not all of them wise and not all of them resulting in positive personal development. Culminating public events provide an opportunity for young people to to take chances of the healthy, positive variety, quite different from the type of harmful experimentation associated with negative behavior. For most participating students, the public performance of display of their artwork in a culminating event involves an element of risk because they are publicly exposing products of their creative expression - sometimes of a very personal nature - to the world.

striving for personal excellence and promoting positive values

Event deadlines provide the structure youth often need to complete a project. Working to a deadline can motivate youth to produce work they feel proud to share publicly and to do so on time. The period after a culminating event is a natural point for young people to reflect on their work - and then use what they learned from the experience to inform their artistic practice going forward. What's more, culminating events showcase participants' accomplishments and positively alter perceptions about both individual youth and young people as a whole.