The Need

California’s educational budget is at an all-time low; we have one of the lowest funding for arts of all 50 states; 1/3 of 9th grade students drop out before graduation; 53% of students come from low-income families and youth crime is rising in Santa Barbara County.

The need to support the struggling educational system is fundamental for a healthy society and fundamental to our mission of using media and modern skillsets to help close the Opportunity Divide for disengaged youth in our country.

The growing problems of the under-served, primarily Latino youth in the Santa Barbara County communities are well documented. This segment struggles in numerous ways and the community at large suffers from increasing crime rates, gang activity, high levels of truancy and ultimately low employment rates.  Many efforts are in place attempting to solve these long standing issues. However, our unique approach is already proving to be engaging this population of youth back to learning where many have failed.

Our collaborative pathways are specifically designed to impact and bridge the growing learning gap and provide youth with the modern skills they need to succeed in life beyond the academic world.