Get It Done

This is our most important program created to bridge the opportunity divide and

help all our students be ready for college and life.


How it works

We conduct assessments to determine the need of each student and assist them in obtaining what it is they need to help place them on a pathway towards becoming positive upwardly mobile citizens. From there, CBB (Congregation B'nai B'rith) helps us fill the needs of each student!

Our job as educators and change agents is to stretch the minds of our students and enable them to access opportunities and life experiences that matter to them whatever that may be; a driver's license, homework support, joining an experimental summer camp, obtaining a passport, opening a bank account, re-entering high school, connected to childcare, shelters and agencies who can help with housing and applying for college.

Collaborative Impact

Thanks to our community partners, youth interactive students now have access to growing opportunities they never dreamed possible, such as: learning how to fly a plane, exploring marine conservation, become a commissioned artist, joining an entrepreneurial summer camp reserved for children of high net worth families, getting private one to one mentorship to get them through school, going to the White House on an internship, and the list is growing every day...