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Investing in the health and education of the youth in our community is an investment in their futures and in ours. The Women’s Fund conducts rigorous research to identify creative local programs—like Youth Interactive Santa Barbara—that help equip our youth with the knowledge and tools to become productive members of our community.
— Susan Robeck. Communications Co-Chair

The Fund for Santa Barbara funds works that embodies our motto “Change, Not Charity” and Youth Interactive is a prime example of that. YI empowers youth so they have a voice in their community and at the same time develop skills to become economically self-sufficient.
— Elena Richardson, Grants Program Manager



Michael McDonald & Ambrosia Benefit Concerts

The O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation

The Santa Barbara Women’s Fund

The Ruth & Hal Launders Foundation

Mr & Mrs Smith


$25,000 - $49,999

The Fund for Santa Barbara - Coastal Fund

The J.S. Bower Foundation

The Santa Barbara Foundation

The Santa Barbara County Arts Commission


$5,000- $24,999

The McDonald - Boersma Foundation

The Boehm Gladen Foundation

Mr. Dana White

Mr & Mrs Barbakow

Mr & Mrs  Leroy

Mr D. Douglas

The Hutton Foundation

A Kind World Foundation

Santa Barbara Beautiful

Ms. Paula Frey

The Rudi Schulte Foundation


$500 - $4,999

The High Tide Foundation

The Mithun Family Foundation

The M&M Foundation

The Santa Barbara County Food bank

Christie Comm-Unity Foundation

Heritage Oaks Bank

Montecito Bank and Trust

The Towbes Group, Inc.

Mr. Allan Ghitterman & Mrs Susan Rose

Mr. Thomas A McKean & Mr. Marq D Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. Wall

Mr. Geoff & Mrs. Laura Wyatt

Ms. Elizabeth Faoro

Tammy Hughes

Mr. & Mrs. Locker

Ms. Sara Miller McCune

Mr. & Mrs. Hess

Mr. T. Reyken

Ms. K. Delgado

Ms. C. Brittain


$100 - $499

Mr. & Mrs. Webb

Mr. & Mrs. Parsons

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson-Morello

Mr. Tom Rollerson

Mr. Thomson Dawson

Ms. Tracy Bollag

Mr. Mark Freytag

Mr. Walter Claudio & Mrs. Angela Zungri

Bryant & Sons Jewellers

Ms. Carin Craig

Mr. & Mrs. Laborde

Mr.& Mrs. Breeze

Mr. & Mrs. Neches

Ms. Adrienne Schuele

Mr. & Mrs. Terzian

Ms. Nancy Griffith

Ms. Barb Collinson

Iwona & Hassan Dwidar

Ms. Jennifer J Trupiano

Mrs. Kristi Bullock

Mr. E. Lohala

Marcia Meier

The Zachy Family Foundation


Invaluable Support In Kind  Business Benefactors

Nixon Peabody LLP


The Santa Barbara Public Market

Christie Communications

The JKO PR Agency

Caribbean Coffee

Detar Music

Bacara Resort & Spa

Underground Hairdresser

Olio Pizza

Three Pickles

Sol Wave Water

Delicious Expressions

Happy Canyon Winery

Andrew Murray Winery

Carr Winery

The Santa Barbara Winery


Pop Rock

Una Mas

Section Wines

Youth Interactive gives our young people an opportunity to thrive, by giving them real-world skills and projects that are meaningful, fun and empowering.
— Liora Goodman District Representative

Youth Interactive provides opportunities for teens and young adults to become contributing members of our community – creating vibrant communities with opportunities for all to succeed is core to our mission
— Sharyn Main, Sr. Director of Community Investments